057【English01】Correspondence method for children with low VCI (language comprehension index) _ Words

WISC4 inspection
It is divided into four index scores.

What are the four index scores?
・ VCI (Language Understanding Index)
・ PRI (Perceptual Reasoning Index)
・ WMI (Working Memory Index)
・ PSI (Processing Speed Index)

This time,
"How to deal with children with low VCI (Language Understanding Index)"
I will explain about.

Children with low VCI (Language Understanding Index)
The fact that the word power is low
Can be mentioned.

That word power
Compared to children of that age level
It means low.

so that
・ Understanding the content of the lesson
・ Understanding the contents of the instructions
・ Understanding the content of the conversation
・ Understanding the content of sentences
May interfere with your daily life due to lack of
It is often the case.

Then, for such children
What should i do
Is that all right.

First of all, all the words
To the word that the child knows
Try replacing it.

Then that child
How much do you know the word
How do you know?

that is,
・ Grasp from the results of WISC4 inspection
・ Ask the child directly
・ Infer from the child's facial expression

When checking vocabulary
You should be careful.

That is, the child is a word
"Dictionary definition"
Do you keep the meaning based on
What is it?

To put it simply
Dogs are not one-on-one.

Cats are not meow meow.

What is vocabulary, that is, vocabulary?
With the definition as it appears in the dictionary
Does she understand and use the language?
It is.

If you say that it is listed in the dictionary
"Is it necessary to memorize the whole dictionary?"
The question arises.

The conclusion is
You don't have to memorize the whole dictionary.

Such an effort
I'm not saying it's useless
Very cost performance
It will be bad.

Also, when you remember something
Than rote memorization
Replace with your own words
Better to remember

Actually, the retention of memory
The conversion to long-term memory
It will be easier to do.

Word and vocabulary are part of intelligence.

・ Word power
Has a slightly different meaning
Here, as the same meaning
We will promote.

That's right.
Word and vocabulary are part of intelligence.

If you improve your vocabulary and vocabulary
The child's intelligence goes up.

To raise her intelligence
It's not the purpose

If your intelligence goes up
She makes it easier for her to live

There are more options for the future.

Therefore, first of all
Check the child's vocabulary
From the right place
Please input.

【At the end…】

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