059【English03】How to deal with children with low VCI (Language Understanding Index) _ Similar edition

I took a WISC4 test
I don't know how to use it,
There are many people who say that.

For children with developmental disabilities and gray zones
Communication is
It's a very high hurdle.

Because communication is
In that conversation

In an instant
Meaning of words and sentences
You have to recognize and understand.

This time, it's in the WISC4 test
Located in VCI (Language Understanding Index)
About the item of similarity
I will explain.

[Click here if you want to learn more about WISC4 testing]

[What kind of ability does similarity measure?]

In WISC4 inspection
The test "similar"
What does that mean?

The meaning of the word or sentence
Even if you don't know it directly

The vocabulary that you have
Knowledge of sentences, common sense, etc.
As a base

I will understand somehow
That is.

For example
The word "vocabulary"
Suppose you don't understand the meaning.

From the text
"Vocabulary" = "word power"
Like that

Convert in my head

That is.

Therefore, the WISC4 test
If the number "similar" is high

Temporarily in a conversational sentence
Even if there are words you don't understand
The flow of sentences and their background,
From common sense etc.

I'm sure it means something like this,
It means that you can understand.

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This ability is available in many places
It will help.

Earlier, with a word that didn't make sense
I gave an example

Even the common "misstatement"
It's effective.

The other day, on the train
There was a salaryman who was saying all the time.

I wonder what "Gekkyoku" is
He was listening
(He wasn't listening, but ...)

In the story
It ’s a “monthly” parking lot.
It turned out that.

VCI (Language Understanding Index) must be similar
It's hard to notice these mistakes.

Now, why don't you increase the "similarity" of VCI?

★ ☆
Developmental Psychology Support Center
Psychologist / Counselor Shigenori Kuruma