060【English04】Correspondence method for children with low PRI (perceptual reasoning index) _ Fluid intelligence

Hello everyone.

Developmental Psychology Support Center
Psychologist / counselor
It is Shigenori Kuruma.

Here, HP cannot write
About WISC4 inspection
I will write various information.

Well, this time
WISC4 inspection
4 index scores
・ VCI (Language Understanding Index)
・ PRI (Intelligent Reasoning Index)
・ WMI (Working Memory Index)
・ PSI (Processing Speed Index)

About PRI (Perceptual Reasoning Index)
I will write.

PRI (Perceptual Reasoning Index) is very
It's an important ability.

Roughly speaking
PRI is "applied power".

So what is applied power?
What does that mean?

If you look up the applied power in a dictionary
"Ability to apply things.
Apply one thing to another
Ideas to make good use of
It is written that.

Without applied power
Similar tasks and actions
Because it ’s all my first time

・ I get more nervous than people
・ Patterning does not work well and cannot be processed well.
That can happen.

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·new thing
・ What to do for the first time
I feel nervous.

But if you have similar experience
With that similar experience at the core
Can be patterned and captured

Even if it's the first time
As an already known fact
You will be able to process it.

For example, when cooking
You cut something with a kitchen knife, don't you?

Learn how to cut green onions
I cut the green onions into julienne.

After that, I needed to cut the cucumber.

For children with PRI (Perceptual Reasoning Index)
Because both cucumbers and green onions are long and thin
I thought the same cutting method would be fine

Just shred it.

However, children with low PRI
Think of green onions and cucumbers as different things
How to cut cucumber with cucumber
I'm trying to learn.

This is in terms of math and mathematics
It will be easier to understand.

If the operator (+-× ÷) and the way of thinking are the same
Even if the numbers are different
The basic solution should be the same.

However, children with low PRI
All of them are regarded as "different things".

Because it is not applicable
Make each problem new
Capture it.

As a result, than people
・ It takes time to give an answer
・ The correct answer rate of the answers given decreases
It is.

Compared to friends around
・ It takes time
・ The correct answer rate also decreases
What will happen? .. ..

You lose confidence in yourself.

To lose confidence in yourself
"Lower self-affirmation"
It means that.

And finally
It ’s scary to work on something new

You will not take on the challenge.

I have to challenge
Successful experience of new things
You will not be able to get it.

When you get there
It's a negative spiral.

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For children with low PRI
"Pattern" from the beginning
I should tell you.

Before patterning
Rule making is essential.

We will also teach you how to do that.

For everything
There is some causal relationship

By understanding the causal relationship
Fear and anxiety relative to the first event
Can be erased

as a result
You will be able to take good actions.

For children with low PRI
Please give it a try.

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Developmental Psychology Support Center
Psychologist / Counselor Shigenori Kuruma