061【English05】How to grow children with low VCI (Language Understanding Index) of WISC4

If you have a WISC4 test
Anyone can get a low index score of the test result
You will want to stretch it.

But what and how
Should I go?

Low indicators of WISC4 test
Training to stretch, etc.
Is it actually there?

Here, it is better to take the WISC4 test
What to do and how to do
Will the index score increase?
I will give you a concrete explanation.

[Is there a training book for the WISC4 test? ]

There are various things in the world
Training books are on sale.

A book to train muscles,
Diet book,
Books for improving eyesight, etc.
There are various.

Now, for the WISC4 test
To raise a low index
Do you sell training books?

But the answer is "not for sale".

WISC4 low indicator
If you have a training book etc.
I'm sure many people will be happy.

If there is such a book
A child called a developmental disability
To grow big
It will be possible.

However, it is not actually sold.

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[What is VCI (Language Understanding Index) training?]

How to raise the value of VCI (Language Understanding Index)
First of all, please improve your vocabulary.

Words of that age level alone
Not enough.

For example, if your child is in the 4th grade of elementary school now
At least up to the sixth grade of elementary school
Please input the word.

With that kind of thing
Because VCI is low in the first place
I can't input

Why even difficult words
Do you need to input
You will have the question.

Intelligence is a variety of factors
It has been constructed.

Some of its components
Naturally, it has vocabulary.

I can't remember the words
If there is
The problem is "short-term memory".

If short-term memory is low
・ Training to improve short-term memory
・ Complement the ability to memorize with techniques
You will need it.

For details, see "Improvement of memory"
I will explain it on my blog.

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[What is VCI (Language Understanding Index) training?]

Train VCI (Language Understanding Index)
The most effective method is
Will be.

At the Developmental Psychology Support Center
Shichida Education Research Institute
"Kanae-chan card"
I am using something like that.

Flashcards at once
200 to 300 sheets
I recommend it.

When I was training in the field
In a 50 minute lesson

300 in the first half, 300 in the second half
I will cut the flash card.

The first half and second half cards
The same thing is fine.

The contents of the flash card
I will not change the content for about 3 months.

How to cut flashcards
There are quite a few people who don't know.

・ High-speed flash
・ Iterative flash
・ Accent type flash
・ Memory type flash
And depending on the situation of the child
It is possible to change the cutting method.

For the above cutting method
Let's write on another blog.

In addition, in "Kanae-chan card"
If you are interested
I'll put a link at the bottom.

Please check if you have time.

There are various types.

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★ ☆
Developmental Psychology Support Center
Psychologist / Counselor Shigenori Kuruma