062【English06】「WISC-Ⅳ」How old can the WISC4 test be taken?

This time, about the WISC4 test
This is a story.

Many moms and dads
I'm worried about my child.

What are you worried about
I am worried about my child's behavioral problems.

・ Slow speech
・ Do not play with friends
From that

・ Do not listen to parents
・ Do not clean up
・ I can't keep time
If you have any concerns about your life

We will receive various consultations.

[Even if you make an explicit solution to a child's problem behavior, it will not be a real solution]

Now, the question is.

Why is your child
Will she behave like that?

that is,
・ Because there is no sloppy
・ Because of my personality
・ Because I forget
is it.

I want to improve that

Angry or scolding
You are worried.

Because of my personality
I don't think it will be easy to proceed beyond that.

Because to change a person's personality
This is because it takes a lot of time.

I'll forget ...

Does this always take notes?
In all everyday situations
Will you bring a memo?

When you're in the bathroom or when you're eating
Of course, even when playing games
Put a note aside

Do you take action at that time?

I feel that it is not very realistic.

In the first place
About child behavior problems
Even with an explicit solution
It's not a real solution.

So for the real solution
What should I do?

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[WISC4 test reveals the cause of child behavior problems]

Now let's conclude.

With WISC4 inspection
The reason for the child's problem behavior is
I understand.

Specifically, it looks like this.

Why children do what their parents say
Do you not listen and act
You can find out by WISC4 inspection.

Why children don't clean up
You can find out by WISC4 inspection.

Why children can't keep time
You can find out by WISC4 inspection.

Besides these things
Why children don't study
Why kids don't stop playing games
That also means

You can find out by WISC4 inspection.

Why do you know
I will write the details in another blog.

[Applicable age for WISC4 test]

If you have read this far
"WIS C4 test for my child
I want to receive it! "
I would think.

However, for the WISC4 test
There is an applicable age.

The applicable age of the WISC4 test is
5 to 16 years 11 months

So, for children over 17 years old
WISC4 inspection
Can't you receive it?

The correct answer is YES and NO.

What does that mean
For children over 17 years old
Have the same idea as the WISC4 test

There is an inspection.

To be precise, the WAIS4 test is
16-89 years old
You can receive up to.

Actually, I'm less than 5 years old
Toddlers also have tests for toddlers.

It is a test called WPPSI-Ⅲ.

Collectively 3 inspections

Wechsler Intelligence Scale 3 Brothers
Some people say that.

Details of each test
I will write it in another article.

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Also, about WISC 4 inspection
"I want to learn more!"
For those who say

Developmental Psychology Support Center
By all means, hold an online seminar
Please take the course.

I'm sure it will be helpful.

See you again. .. ..

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