063【English07】「WISC-Ⅳ」What is the response method for children with low "understanding" of VCI (Language Understanding Index)?

In WISC4 inspection
Reading the result
It's really difficult.

Even clinical psychologists and certified public psychologists
WISC4 test reading
There are many mistakes.

Why can i make a mistake
Is there?

It's when you become a clinical psychologist
At a designated graduate school

How to read the WISC4 test
How to assess parents
Because I haven't been taught properly.

Clinical psychologists and certified public psychologists
It's not a matter of your ability
It was a graduate curriculum issue.

Then, in the WISC4 inspection
For those who carry out the inspection
The most difficult test
I will explain about "understanding".

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[What is the understanding of the WISC4 test ...]

WISC4 tests total 15
It consists of subordinate inspections.

There are 15 sub-tests in the first place
With 10 basic tests
It consists of 5 auxiliary tests.

"Understanding" of WISC4 test
Part 15 Among the inspections
It's probably the most difficult.

Then, in the item of "understanding"
What do you know about your child?

Simply put, it ’s an inspection called “understanding”.
Of that child
You can understand "general common sense with society".

Therefore, the cause of "children's problem behavior" is
In WISC4 inspection

"Low understanding" = low common sense

In some cases presumed to be in
It is often there.

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[I teach common sense, but ...]

Some parents
I teach children various common sense
Hard to settle
Many people say that.

Even if the child's common sense is low
do not be sad.

Children's common sense is low
Even if my parents didn't teach me properly
It's not a matter of parental discipline.

For example, a child's short-term memory
If low

Even if you tell me something
You won't remember it easily.

Also, even if you remember it once
If long-term memory is low

After a few months
You may forget everything.

Far from forgetting everything
The fact that I remembered
Even the fact that I was taught
I forget it.

It's not a matter of his own efforts
It is a characteristic of the child born with it.

What is short-term memory?
WMI (Working Memory Index).

Long-term memory is
Located in VCI (Language Understanding Index)
It becomes words and knowledge.

[Let's train short-term memory while teaching children common sense]

I will forget it anyway
Even if you teach common sense
It can't be helped
Some people think
Not a little.

But with the technique
It is possible to memorize it.

Also, WMI (Working Memory Index) is
By training
It is possible to raise it.

Regarding the transition and retention of long-term memory
Use the technique.

I will write the details in another article.

By the way, for children with low common sense
There is something I can do.

Please try various things.

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